REBORN BABIES REBORN BABIES Shaina First reborn!<BR>16" preemie<BR>Pat Secrist "Lollipop" kit 14070328 Miranda Lynne Reborn #2<BR>Previously Secrist's "Sassy"<BR>Miranda Lynne is a 16" preemie and weighs 3lbs 5 ozs 14070346 Matthew Reborn #3<BR>Custom order reborn baby boy. 14070331 Rhea This is my 4th reborn. She is Kit #1 of my very own sculpt RHEA. It was such a pleasure to reborn my own creation in vinyl!<BR>Rhea is a 17" preemie with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. What a sweetie! 14070333 Darleen Tiny 6" Secrist kit. My 5th reborn 21508993 Erinn Secrist kit Zoe ~ 17" preemie ~ 6th reborn 21509002 Renee Another of my own "RHEA" kits. 16" preemie. 7th reborn. 21508994 Dawne June 6" Secrist kit. Custom order and named by her new Mommy! 8th reborn. 21509001